Polly Schumm

Polly Schumm

Senior Materials Information Consultant

Polly Schumm, senior materials information consultant, specializes in large client implementation of the ANSYS GRANTA MI software. Polly is experienced in managing large-scale projects from start to finish while keeping both quality and timeframes in mind, ensuring that projects complete on time and with the highest quality.

Polly was raised in the Chicago area, where she is now based. She attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) where she earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering. While at University, Polly worked at Dupont where she managed both process engineering and capital projects that improved product quality and reduced operating costs.

Polly is an avid reader who reads at least 30 books every year that span a wide range of genres. Favorites books include Sherlock Holmes novels, East of Eden, and The Princess Bride. She also enjoys running, comic books, spending time with family, and the Bears.

Polly thrives on solving complex problems, it is this motivation that drives her in her role as a consultant. She enjoys tackling the challenges associated with guiding all components of software implementation and ensuring that at the end of a project all of the pieces fall into their rightful place.