Nathan Sickmeier

Nathan Sickmeier

App Development Intern

Nathan Sickmeier, intern, assists MDMi with application development. As the inaugural intern at MDMi, Nathan is excited to work alongside the MDMi team. Nathan’s goals are to use this opportunity to learn from the MDMi team and gain insight into the tools that MDMi utilizes.

Nathan presently resides in Greenwood with his parents and four younger siblings. He is currently studying Applied Mathematics at Franklin College and Computer Engineering at IUPUI. He hopes to be able to apply what he has learned at college at MDMi. Nathan enjoys strategy and mathematics. This ties into his hobby’s which include reading, board games, video games, and role-playing games.

Nathan is thankful for this opportunity with MDMi and he hopes to apply what he has learned to other facets of his life and future endeavors.