Joe St. Amand

Joe St. Amand

Senior Materials Information Consultant

Joe St. Amand, materials information consultant, works on the team to provide clients and teammates with support for the implementation of ANSYS’s GRANTA MI software.

Born and raised in southwest Michigan, Joe graduated from the University of Michigan in 2019 with a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering. As a trumpet player in the Michigan Marching Band, Joe played the “greatest college fight song ever written,” as it was famously declared by the American March King himself: John Phillip Sousa.

Joe appreciates being outdoors and loves taking advantage of opportunities to go fishing. As a passionate sports fan, Joe likes to watch professional and collegiate football. Appropriately, his favorite season is fall.

From video games to athletic contests, Joe enjoys competition, and especially enjoys competing as part of a team. He’s a big believer in hard work, preparation, resilience, and grit. Never afraid of a challenge, Joe recognizes that the most difficult challenges often lead to the largest amount of growth.

As an employee at MDMi, Joe is always looking to deepen his understanding of materials engineering and to continue the improvement of his technical communication skills. Furthermore, Joe is interested in continuously gaining insight into the practical applications, as well as challenges, that are associated with materials science and engineering across a wide variety of industries.