Spec Check – Validate Data 


Spec Check is an application that, once configured, will periodically confirm that data entered into GRANTA MI meets specification requirements.  The configurable tests traverse tables using links to material specification records.  Numerous comparison and reporting options are available to check the data against specification requirements and to inform users of the success or failure of a record against the test.

While the applications are numerous, we use Spec Check to check every incoming test record and to send an email report to a materials engineer whenever a test result is entered in GRANTA MI that doesn’t meet the specification requirements.  In other words, if our tensile bar fails below the required tensile test, we want to know immediately.  We also use Spec Check for production lot test validation.  Ideally, using TAPT we notice if a production material properties begin to gradually decline, but, in case we miss the gradual trend in TAPT, Spec Check will notify us once the production lot test falls within a small percentage of our specification requirement.

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