Schema Mapping Tool

The Schema Mapping Tool is a local executable that quickly gives users an overview of the schema currently present in a database within their Granta instance. The databases are exported into an Excel file in a way that is easily copied and pasted back into MI:Admin for quick transfer of attributes, tables, or even entire databases. The Schema Mapping Tool also allows for an intuitive comparison between two databases in a way that highlights both the similarities and differences between the two.

The following are identified using the Schema Mapping Tool

  • Database Key(s)
  • Table Names
  • Attributes
    • Name
    • Data Type
    • Unit/Discrete Type
    • Parent Attribute (Meta-Attributes only)
    • Multi-Value?
  • Functional Parameters*
    • Parameter Names
    • Which attribute they go with
  • Link Groups
    • Link Group Name
    • Table link is from
    • Database link is to
    • Table link is to
    • Reverse link group name
    • Link Type (static/dynamic)
  • Database Parameters
    • Parameter Name
    • Numeric/discrete parameter
    • Parameter Unit
    • Parameter Value (name)
    • Parameter Value (numeric value)
    • Which value is the default value?
  • Discrete Types*
    • Discrete Values
    • Whether they are ordered

* Parameters/Discretes only export if they are assigned to at least one attribute.

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