PyRO – Productivity Suite For GRANTA MI 

PyRO (Python Record Operator) is a software productivity suite that can significantly reduce the time, effort, and possibility of error associated with creating, modifying, or transporting data in the GRANTA MI software. Performing these actions is simple and located in a single web-based application.

Example of a PyRO: Copy Operation

Developed operations include:

  • Copy: Clone data from one location on your server to another (including the ability to overwrite or merge the cloned data with an already existing record).
  • Update: Modify the data in attribute(s) for large batches of records at one time.
  • Combine: Join the data in two (or more) separate records into one.
  • Analyze: Select records to analyze, publish the results in the database, link to the data sources & code version

Specify Your Own Operations

Example of previewing a record that is being created with PyRO


Operations for PyRO are configurable and entirely user-defined. The set of attributes, the destination of the created or modified records, and any user input are examples of configurable items. This allows for a tailored configuration for each operation and an individualized experience for each user. The ability to edit or perform calculations on source data before it is input into the destination record is another possible configuration that makes previously complex and error-prone data handling straightforward.


Reduce Time, Effort, and Errors

Numerous possibilities exist that were once time- and effort-prohibitive. The PyRO application makes actions that once required multiple desktop applications, significant lengths of time, and/or substantial human interaction now easy, quick, and with little user input required. Another strength is the repeatability and consistency of the software. PyRO can perform the same task repeatedly with little risk for human error from multiple executions.



Bridge the Materials Data Gap

Gaps in in-house materials data can now be covered on demand. Obtaining data from a reference database is accomplished in a few quick clicks. Bulk modification of a newly created attribute, such as material type, for a set of already existing records can be completed quickly and effortlessly. Data from two or more records for the same material, but with different sets of materials data, can be combined into a new record with all the desired data from the previous records.

PyRO’s Login screen

Simple and User-Friendly Interface All in One Location

The PyRO Productivity Suite condenses functionalities previously spread across multiple desktop and web-based applications into a single web-based application with an interface that is intuitive and guiding for users. This, along with the configurability of PyRO, enables users possessing little familiarity with GRANTA MI tools to perform necessary actions throughout their GRANTA MI databases with little specialized training. PyRO follows GRANTA MI security credentials, eliminating the need for yet another set of usernames and passwords.


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