MDMi Productivity Excel Toolbar

If you use Excel as much as we do, you learn quickly that some tasks can be repetitive and downright annoying (imagine un-hiding 50+ worksheets one at a time). For years we have been finding better ways to use Excel using VBA scripts to eliminate the pain of many annoying tasks.  We accumulated more than 20 scripts that we had never released for use outside MDMi. Well, now we are making these available to our customers via a Toolbar plugin for Excel.  Check out the MDMi Productivity Excel Toolbar.


Currently there are 29 tools available in the toolbar.  They include tools for tasks such as:

  • Naming Ranges
  • Validating Data
  • File Optimization
  • Workbook and Worksheet Visibility and Protection
  • Materials Database Importer Template Checking and Troubleshooting

Each download includes all the same tools we use at Materials Data Management!  Our team has saved hundreds of hours and much frustration by using these tools.

We’re also encouraging others to tell us their pain points.  If we find it painful enough, we’ll see if we can find a better way!  If you have your own scripts you’ve written and would like them added to the toolbar, let us know.

Contact us for a demonstration or to purchase the toolbar.