All About MDMi

Materials Data Management, Inc. (MDMi) are experts in deploying multi-faceted platform engineering software.  What started as expertise in deploying materials information management systems has grown into an innovative full-solution services partner for our clients.  MDMi works with our clients like colleagues.  This enables us to understand their processes, procedures, motivations, and long-term goals for the software we are implementing.

MDMi also is an ideal partner for software vendors.  We work with their development and technical teams to learn the nuance of how their software is configured.  We work with the sales and marketing teams to understand their targets.  And we work with the support team to help provide valuable feedback from the field.  Our partners compliment our work ethic and drive and value our ability to help grow existing accounts and setup new clients for long-term success.

MDMi is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.  Our central location enables communication with partners and clients throughout the Americas and Europe.

The industries we serve include aerospace, defense, energy, electronics, medical devices, material producers, automotive, machinery, nuclear laboratories, and data publication.  We serve these industries through implementation services, complimentary software applications, and engineering data management.

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